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A music producer and beat maker since the early 2000’s, Mills is a forever fan of music who learnt to put together sounds as a teenager with the help of Hurache founder, Producer/DJ Michael Hall.
He spent the next few years perfecting his craft, featuring on several Hurache albums – Digital Revolution featuring Tea Time; Futuristic Music featuring I Just Exist, Get Away and Make Him Better; and more recently Futuristic Revolutions, featuring Don’t Talk To Me, Get It Again, You Don’t Know Skat, Devon and Skat’s On .
Beats By Mills, Hurache, BeatsByMills, Hip Hop and Rap Music, Produced By Mills,, Digital Revolution     Beats By Mills, Hurache, BeatsByMills, Hip Hop and Rap Music, Produced By Mills,     Beats By Mills, Hurache, BeatsByMills, Hip Hop and Rap Music, Produced By Mills,
Whilst at University getting his business degree, every spare moment was spent studying music production.
Since 2009 Mills has been independently releasing Instrumental Projects and a number of Albums with different Artists…
Beginning with The Brief Case Instrumentals, following up with Concept Material – a collaboration project with “Big Skat” of Hurache.
Over the next few years Mills developed links with Atlanta’s Classic The Legend, Oakland’s Birch Boy Barie & Ghost (RIP), Brooklyn’s Holleyrock, Jeremiah Bonez and Pretty Stizzy, continuing to work with South Africa’s Tor-C.
Much music was produced as a result which resulted in ‘Beats By Mills – The Mixtape. Released in October 2012 the project was a collection of music produced by Mills’ featuring his frequent collaborators from the US, South Africa & the UK.
Tor-C‘s solo project Time Is Money followed, released June 2013, with videos shot in Amsterdam and featuring the collaboration ‘Snake’ with Brooklyn’s Jeremiah Bonez whose FoolKilla project dropped October 2014.
A vehicle for ‘Good Music’, constantly busy, Beats By Mills has a few new Music Videos on the way, upcoming projects with Classic The Legend, J Bonez & Tor-C and a few other surprises…… Keep Watching!
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